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Your opponent checks to you, and you are confident that he has a very weak hand.Long term online poker success with winning strategies. As you can see, you place a continuation bet when you are the pre-flop aggressor and missed the flop,.

In this case, it is we who are behind, and now we only have about 3 outs (the Ten), leaving us with only about 15% Equity.A continuation bet is a bet made on the flop by a player who showed aggression preflop.

The continuation bet, or. There are many aspects of Texas hold'em that need to be mastered to become a profitable poker player.Because if I made such bets with A-A or K-K post-flop, and not with A-K, people would some be able to tell the difference.

In Texas Hold'em poker continuation bet has become a standard play, so you absolutely have to learn it.The continuation bet has evolved a lot since Volume One of Harrington on Hold ‘Em first introduced the concept to the poker-playing public. The general idea, as.

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There are a lot of specific situations that can vary things a lot, but as a general rule, it is best to make a continuation bet when it is likely that your opponent will believe your hand is still better than theirs.What is a continuation bet? The continuation bet refers to the bet we make on the flop apart raising pre-flop. It's basically a continuation of our aggression pre-flop.

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Continuation betting, also known as "c-betting", is one of the easiest ways to gain consistency as a winning poker player. Continuation bets are very commonplace in.

Browse other questions tagged texas-hold-em betting-strategy or ask your own question.When you raise pre-flop in a game of No-Limit Hold 'em and are called, you're faced with a decision when the flop hits the board. Should you put out a continuation.Continuation betting in poker used to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. If it’s not properly used, it could be costing you a lot of money on the felt.However, the continuation bet is a whole lot more complex than that. For starters, as with all things in poker we need to think about position.

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Good Players to Continuation Bet Against There are some types of players that are better to continuation bet against than others. You want to identify these players.

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In this PokerSnowie Video Quiz, Sharp explores the continuation bet in heads-up matches. Following some general concepts, he presents a deep analysis on how to play.A Quick Way To Think About Flop Texture. 8. 10. the frequency with which you should continuation bet a. I float 30% as a possible average figure in Poker.If it is with an overpair, my hand is probably still best (unless someone has two pair or a set, possible, but unlikely on such a flop).By John Vorhaus In the psychology of no limit hold’em, most people look to the preflop raiser to lead the action postflop. This bet, famously called a continuation.

Play Poker Holdem with the. Pariul 3-bet va schimba jocul unui jucător de miză medie la fel cum ţi-a schimbat jocul continuation bet-ul. 3-bet light are loc.Even if you're unfamiliar with the term continuation bet, chances are you've seen one - or made one yourself. Know when and how to best use them to your benefit with.

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Cum să faci continuation bet-uri ca un. una dintre cele mai eficiente strategii de poker este continuation bet-ul. acesta are loc atunci când jucătorul.As a Poker Player you need an arsenal full of weapons, being different types of bet you can make. Let’s take a look at the six fundamental Types of Bet.Continuation Bet (C-bet) – 5 tipp, amivel növelheted a sikeres folytatólagos nyitásaid számát az online pókerversenyeken.

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Nevertheless, if we bet he is going to fold fairly often and surrender the 85% equity he has to us.This is a discussion on Continuation bet within the online poker forums, in the Tournament Poker section; I see a lot of ppl folding the best hand because the person.ContinuationBet. 10K likes. Il forum dei professionisti del poker. Seguiteci su oppure su Twitter.The continuation bet is one of the most powerful moves in online poker, and is a bet that has recently increased in popularity. It is a very aggressive play, and.Increase those profits with our expert guide which will teach you the good and bad spots to continuation bet!.

As a follow-up to our post earlier this week about the three moves every poker player should know (which included the continuation bet), we wanted to talk a little.By definition, a continuation bet is a bet made on one betting round after you were the aggressor in the previous betting round.

In poker, raising continuation bets with a high frequency makes you extremely hard to play against. By putting pressure on your opponents whilst in position, you will.That is all that a continuation bet is -- the questions of what its purpose is and when to do it are much harder to answer.Continuation betting is the act of raising before the flop and then. So your poker opponent checks and you bet as a continuation of your pre-flop raise and.In a game of Texas Hold’em poker one of the best strategies is continuation betting. If you aren’t familiar with continuation betting it’s an easy skill to learn.Continuation bets are typically made regardless of whether or not the cards that came improved your hand.To Force Your Opponent To Surrender Their Equity In The Hand: See below for an explanation.You have KTo on the Button in a No-Limit Holdem game where everybody has 100 BB stacks.

Maybe the attitude should be relaxed a bit to try to get some traffic.Continuation betting. Poker Player is the leading resource for poker news and betting advice. Poker and gambling strategy, tips and guides.

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