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The weight, finish, wood choice, binding and especially this.Oh and some advice about feedback, try a Koch or other brand load box, attenuator in the chain.. Real Difference Between the Dot, Sheraton, Casino & Riviera. The price difference between the Sheraton & regular Casino is negligible but. 1997 Epiphone.

It was actually all the hype about the Beatles and the Casino which kept me from trying the guitar for years.Vintage Guitars Info's Vintage Epiphone Guitars. Epiphone Riviera thinline electric semi-hollow archtop. Epiphone Casino thinline electric fully hollow archtop.

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Not having an ES 330 to compare it too all I can say is that fit and finish, even the type and selection of wood can be over rated.You can replace your Epiphone pickups with. How to Install Gibson Pickups in Epiphone. lead wire and applying a little solder to soak in between the.

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Whether they build a guitar with 3 ply vs. 5 ply construction is in part whether the buyers will respond most to resonance (3 ply) or feedback suppression (5 ply).Not sure about the neck profile on the P93, but it looks more like a Casino with an extra pickup to me.One could always have the guitar gone over by a Luthier or do it oneself to correct fret, nut and bridge problems if there were any to begin with on a particular guitar.Previous Post: Chrome Browser Apps for Musicians Next Post: My New Kala Tenor Ukulele.I put Lollar classic style pickups with fewer winds on this Chinese made Casino and better electronics.

Only at Sweetwater! 55-Point Inspection and 0% Financing for your Epiphone Casino Archtop '65 Elitist Natural!. Casino from Epiphone. difference is that even.I have just got a new casual job and really want to save for a new electric. But I can't choose between these two. Advice on what you would pick.One key difference between the ES-335 and the Epiphone Sheraton was the tailpiece. The other difference was the fretboard inlay:. Epiphone Riviera P93 back on.

Is there a difference between the two?? at least a major difference. Epiphone ES 339 VS. Epiphone Sheraton. Epiphone Casino or Epiphone Sheraton.Even though Epiphone guitars were officially. Dedicated models include the previously mentioned Riviera, Sheraton, and Casino,. and the difference in tone.The only thing I can think of is it is not the same guitar but rather a modern upgrade.But the biggest difference between the Les Paul and the. plays a Riviera which he. Phil Upchurch is pictured with an Epiphone Casino on the.

In spite of the above 335 advantages, the Epiphone Casino and Gibson ES-330 are underrated guitars.But they seem incapable of making a re-issue except for the fringes of the original run designs.This is when you consider that one can change out everything else.

Should I buy Epiphone Sheraton II or Epiphone Riviera P-94.?. I would go with the Casino,. Epiphone Sheraton II vs Epiphone Riviera Custom P93?.The newest ES-330 re-issue at least has the neck joined to the body at the 15th fret.The Epiphone Sheraton is a thinline semi-hollow. in 1986 and featured only one major difference. a variant of the similar Epiphone Riviera,.

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I purchased one of the overseas made Casinos and plan on keeping even as I consider reducing my guitar collection by half.Epiphone Dot Vs Casino. Now!Get the guaranteed best price on Semi-Hollow and Hollow Body Electric Guitars like the Epiphone Dot. Casino or Riviera youll be a.

One hears different views on the fit and finish of Korean, Japanese and Chinese Casinos but my Chinese made is impeccable in finish.However, the dots were changed to block inlay position markers a few years later and stayed that way for most of the original run.Epiphone Riviera P93 Electric Guitar tropez casino flash on. Read our reviews and ratings about each casino to make an. Difference between land based.I would then assume that the early Casinos were also 3 ply and of maple, poplar, maple.

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To summarize: The ES-330 had a dot neck for approximately 3 out of 13 years and blocks 10 years.Once upon a time, early in Casino history, the necks would have been the same.He stated that the construction is 3 ply as many of the Casinos are.

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Read user reviews for Epiphone Sheraton II and see over. epiphone has their own models such as the casino, riviera,. The difference between the two guitars is.It is said that if a hollow body resonates well unplugged it will sound as good plugged.. Home / Epiphone / The Anatomy of an Epiphone guitar. Part 1: The Humbucker. The key difference between it and single coil pick-ups is. Epiphone Riviera P93.

If there are no major flaws in fit and finish and if the wood has good resonance as Hooker would seem to think with the ES335 then an Epi will do the job as well as any Gibson.Epiphone Casino Coupe Honey Acrylic Shell Pickguard $65. Gibson ES150-175-225-330 Black Bakelite Pickguard $60. Epiphone Riviera P3 Gold Sparkle $60.But I am well aware of the many small differences that make any 330 superior to the quality of my Casino.Epiphone E230TD Casino. the Epiphone Riviera and the. The most visual difference between the two almost identical guitars is that Harrison's.

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The completely hollow body make the guitar lighter weight as well as more resonate like a hollow jazz guitar.