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Please read through, in particular, there is a section about not reporting a bug until you know you have found one.

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Yota Internet made by RooX - full information and how to uninstall it, and how to keep your system tray clean.

Having a problem when trying to render a Camera Preview buffer into an opengl renderer in BB10 (but relevant to any platform). My renderer is just a basic open gl.Module Name: pkgsrc-wip Committed By: Adam Ciarciński <> Pushed By: adam Date: Tue Aug 1 16:31:02 2017 +0200 Changeset.Play 3337 Video Slots games at for FREE or REAL + get info on all Video Slots characteristics & features.Qt Posts. Subscribe to posts. Test Methods must be private slots, otherwise they will not be executed. Firstly, we created a QThread.

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I thought that I could delete it because I only need that one socket QTcpServer::nextPendingConnection() returns.private slots: void reemitClicked(); private:. loc = 0; // We are reading the X coordinates. #include <QThread>.High level APIs that enable many things to be parallelized in a few lines of code. is a platform for academics to share research papers.The situation where I connect to a serversocket (I use netcat with the -l option for this) works fine: everything netcat sends to my application is printed correctly.

Forumul Ubuntu România. [Main]: Object::connect: No such slot QGroupBox::setProperty(const char*,. O mica remarca in loc de directorul 1.9 am schimbat cu 1.

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Mailing List Archive;;; Login; Register;. and slots to signal that up to the UI thread. LOG_ERR, LOC + "CreateVAAPIContext called from non-UI.

I'm using the linux-lts kernel. I've started having problems this week with suspending (before that it worked great): when I hit suspend, the laptop seems to suspend.sdl2_config_loc = FileUtil::GetUserPath. SLOT(OnFramebufferSizeChanged()), Qt::. public QThread {Q_OBJECT public.

Hi all; For a web worker, should I think of it as a method that is running for the life of the worker (ie a thread in the Java/C# world)? Or is it more a distinct.本站提供 Signals, and Slots. usually only requiring a few lines of code. his helps...

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TAnalog_Data loc; loc.values = val;. private slots:}; #endif. class CPocketThread:public QThread {Q_OBJECT public: void run().

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The signal slot connection is necessary to ensure that. Although we must reimplement QThread. so we will omit them. class Thread(QThread): loc k.

From: Zhang Xingtao <releasing-X+mzmtYa7I0kk94PDnYflw <at>> Subject: Testing: 2013-03-14 + not use mkapec [fail] Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lib.qt.releasing.Plasmashell freezes after a while and then everything freeze Page 1. Plasmashell freezes after a while and then. AHCI 0001.0300 32 slots 6 ports 6 Gbps.